The First #Crazy8sFilms17 Production Meeting

Here we go! Now things really start to get rolling as all of the teams met together for the first official production meeting. From reviewing what teams need, to going over sponsors and equipment that are available, getting locations plans going and casting thoughts, and signing paperwork (always lots of paperwork!), production is shifting into full tilt.

We went through the regulations and guidelines for productions and talked teams through the major items they need to start working on, then met with each team separately to go over each individual situation, needs and social media situation. Our PR team came to shoot a quick session for a video to introduce the teams, and Wendy D snapped some awesome shots of the directors.


Gary Marsh from Breakdown Services/Actors Access, Mark Rabin, Portable Electric’s CEO, and Dave Rice from the Finalé Post visited to give talks and let everyone know about some of the services that will be available to them.  Each team is starting to take more form as they get crewed up, and sink into the reality that their film is going to happen!





Blog post by Julie Bruns, Associate Producer
Julie is an Associate producer on Crazy8s. Passionate about film, she is also an actor and writer with a background in marketing, writing and online admin. You can follow her at @Bruns_Julie on Twitter.


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