Ready, Set, Cast! Casting on the #Crazy8sFilms17

Time to put some faces to the characters! Breakdowns went out on Actor’s Access and professional casting directors stepped in to find the best matches for each character. Kris Woznesensky & Kara Eide took on The Undertaker’s Son, Maureen Webb cast The Prince, Jessica Cameron with Clark and Page cast Cypher, Ciarra Cook with Judy Lee cast Anh Hung, and Blair Law cast No Reservations. Casting sessions complete, the casts have now been made offers, and will be locked by Monday! Stay tuned for cast announcements!





Blog post by Julie Bruns, Associate Producer
Julie is an Associate producer on Crazy8s. Passionate about film, she is also an actor and writer with a background in marketing, writing and online admin. You can follow her at @Bruns_Julie on Twitter.


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