Getting Busier and Busier! The DGC-BC Crazy8s Director Mentor Workshop

Once again, the teams reconvened today to work through each of their films’ most challenging scene with our director mentor this year, 1989 short film Oscar nominated director Jonathan Tammuz.

In between these sessions, teams met with the Crazy8s producers to go over the latest developments in each film’s production, from crew and cast, equipment, food, locations and more. Now all of the pieces are coming together, and there’s an electric feeling in the air as everyone prepares for those 8 crazy days coming up in February!





Blog Post by Julie Bruns, Associate Producer
Julie is an Associate producer on Crazy8s. Passionate about film, she is also an actor and writer with a background in marketing, writing and online admin. You can follow her at @Bruns_Julie on Twitter.


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