Crazy8s 2017


Anh Hung Team

Director: Lelinh Du
Writer: Lehlinh Du & Frazer MacLean
Producer: Frazer MacLean

Jenny is a nine year old Vietnamese girl growing up first generation in Canada. Her brother Tuan, whom she looks up to as her hero, slowly reveals truths that he is not who he seems when she secretly disobeys his rule to stay home and joins him for a night out.


Lee Shorten, Athena Ho


Lelinh Du, Director/Writer

Lelinh Du attended Capilano University for their Motion Picture Arts program and soon after graduating, she stepped foot into the industry. She has been independently directing and producing music videos, commercials and short films. As a goal, she hopes she achieve recognition as a creative, successful, female filmmaker, and produce heart-wrenching films until the day she dies.


Frazer MacLean, Producer/Writer

Frazer is a pragmatic young filmmaker that always has a few too many projects on the go. After earning a diploma in motion picture arts from Capilano University, he has been working as a freelance producer on short films and corporate advertisements, he has also been enjoying work as a Props Master on MOW’s over the summer. Frazer is excited to be able to take some time to develop a few of his own projects, Crazy8’s Anh Hung at the forefront.


Cypher Team

Director: Lawrence Le Lam
Writers: Jerome Yoo, Nach Dudsdeemaytha & Lawrence Le Lam
Producer: Nach Dudsdeemaytha

Tensions still linger in 1997 Los Angeles between the Korean-American and the Black communities after the ‘92 Riots. After an incident in his father’s restaurant, Jay, a Korean-American high school student finds himself pulled into LA’s underground battle rap scene where the two worlds collide.


Jerome Yoo, Alex Barima, James R Baylis, Angela Palmer


Lawrence Le Lam, Director

Lawrence Le Lam wants to make your life a little less shitty by making something that you’ll watch and think “That was fucking rad! I think I learnt something today!” He’s won a bunch of awards and stuff, but you don’t really care. One person once said that Lawrence’s 1970s Taiwan-set short film about a rebellious radio DJ who broadcasted banned rock roll, The Blue Jet, was “Easily one of the best short films”. Lawrence found that extremely flattering. Lawrence has also made a feature-length documentary, Not Business As Usual, about businesses attempting to make people’s lives less shitty (AKA the social enterprise movement). It’s free online. It’s got around 100k views now, but Lawrence isn’t counting. Lawrence works as a producer, editor, and cinematographer at Point Blank Creative that does cool digital video stuff for cool progressive organizations that try to make the world less shitty such as the David Suzuki Foundation and Vancouver Foundation.


Jerome Yoo, Writer

Jerome Yoo is an actor from Korea (not the Kim Jong Un one) who decided to start acting for the pursuit of more Instagram followers. Dropping out of UBC Science to become the next Steven Yeun was not a good enough reason for his tiger parents and thus he had to face cataclysmic consequences. Some say he still sheds a single tear at night from the trauma. After coming back from Hell, he did some acting stuff in Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle, Midnight Sun, and most recently Action No. 1. His most notable memory thus far in his young career is stealing french fries from Michael Bay. Follow him @jeromeoyoo.


Nach Dudsdeemaytha, Producer

Nach Dudsdeemaytha is an independent producer and project manager, working with his colleagues Joel McCarthy and Charles Chen in their humble production office at This is a Spoon Studios. His latest project is the award winning 2016 Crazy 8s film I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT’S KILLING THEM. Nach has produced, directed, and edited many short-form narrative films, documentaries, and corporate videos working with esteemed companies such as Vitamin Angels. Currently, he is working alongside Joel and Marena Dix on an upcoming Storyhive-funded webseries INCONCEIVABLE.


No Reservations Team

Director/Writer: Trevor Carroll
Producer: Ben Mallin

When Peter & Marilyn Whiteman’s peaceful existence is uprooted by an unforgiving yet jovial corporation, they take matters into their own hands to stop the disruptive installation of a pipeline underneath their house.


Lorne Cardinal, Bradley Duffy, Denise Jones


Trevor Carroll, Director/Writer

Trevor Carroll is an award winning Director, Producer, Actor and Artist. His work was featured in APTN’s The Mix, CTV’s First Story, and CBC’s presentation of the Best of Crazy 8’s documentary. He is currently the producer and director of Western Canada’s premiere Mixed Martial Arts organization Battlefield Fight League, an owner of a prolific casting studio and has begun pursuing new frontiers and opportunities in scripted entertainment.


Ben Mallin, Producer

Ben Mallin is a Vancouver based producer with credits in long and short form, scripted and reality based content. After receiving several years of hands-on experience in story and business development, Mallin most recently served as an Executive Producer for the record breaking one hour television drama, CHESAPEAKE SHORES. Mallin is currently collaborating on several features, series’ and is always open to working with anyone in any genre as long as a market can be identified.


The Prince Team

Director/Writer: Kyra Zagorsky
Producers: Patrick Sabongui, Janene Carleton, Danielle Stott-Roy & Robin Nielson

Young tap dancer Olivia and her uncle Amir, an actor, struggle with what it means to be Middle-Eastern Canadian in today’s racially divided world. When Amir books a role on a film, Olivia uses her dance routine as a way of expressing her true feelings.


Lee Majdoub, Ashé Sabongui, Bodhi Sabongui, Brendan Taylor, Kim Villagante, Scott McGrath, Jennifer Copping, J. Alex Brinson


Kyra Zagorsky, Writer/Director

Kyra Zagorsky is a mother, actor, teacher and theatre director. A competitive student athlete and dancer, Kyra spent as much time in the theatre as she did in the outdoors. As an actor, she is known for her work as the lead on Ron Moore’s, Helix and the Canadian premiere of the Pulitzer Prize winning play “Disgraced”. She holds a BFA in theatre from Southern Oregon University and a Masters Degree in Acting from the University of California. Kyra wrote, produced and starred in the award-winning short film CHAINED, and was a producer on the award-winning short film SHAKEY’S COFFEE. Kyra runs her own acting school and is the co-founder of a theatre company here in Vancouver.


Patrick Sabongui, Producer

Patrick Sabongui, through his production company, Life Force Films, has produced and/or directed several short films including the award-winning shorts SHAKEY’S COFFEE (Producer/Director), CHAINED (Producer/Director) and ARIEL UNRAVELING (Producer, BravoFact recipient). He also co-produced the upcoming short film, THE LETTER CARRIER, directed by Jesse L. Martin (The Flash, Rent) and Rick Cosnett (Vampire Diaries, Quantico). He’s been working full-time in the film industry for 20 years as an actor (Homeland, The Flash, 24, Godzilla, 300), stunt performer, and filmmaker. He’s also the co-director of Fulfilling Young Artists, a not-for-profit mentorship program for young actors.



Danielle Stott-Roy and Robin Nielsen, Producers

Triumph Street Productions: Danielle and Robin have been working in TV, film and theatre for the last 17 years as award winning performers, coaches, directors and producers. Together they run Triumph St Photography and Triumph St Productions from their studio in East Vancouver, BC. In 2012 they joined with the Canadian arm of Random Bench Productions (Liz Levine) and went on to produce domestically and internationally distributed shorts, web series, tv specials and features including the recently released genre film FEED THE GODS and the hotly anticipated new Terry Mile’s film EVEN LAMBS HAVE TEETH. Since 2015 both Danielle and Robin have been focusing on the commercial side of the industry. With Robin working as a Production Manager and Danielle as the Production Designer or Decorator, they have helped create cutting edge commercial campaigns for clients such as: VOLKSWAGEN, WAL-MART, MOEN, LYSOL, AUTOTRADER, HUGGIES, BUD LIGHT and ACTIVISION. When not immersed in film & tv projects, they can be found exploring remote coners of the American national parks, deserts and canyonlands with camera in hand.


Janene Carleton, Producer

Janene Carleton is an animal lover, world traveler, action artist and an international stuntwoman.  She has doubled many of Hollywood’s biggest stars including Angelina Jolie in Salt, Paula Patton in Mission Impossible 4, Jessica Biel in Total Recall, Morena Baccarin in Deadpool and she is currently doubling Kate Winslet on The Mountain Between Us.  A highlight in Janene’s career was winning the 2011 World Taurus Stunt Award for ‘Best Overall Stunt Performed by a Woman’ for her work on Salt.  Janene also loves being involved behind the camera creating independent films with her friends that inspire & educate as well as entertain.



Directors & Writers: Heath Affolter, Jon Affolter & Thomas Affolter
Producers: Rebeka Herron, Heath Affolter, Jon Affolter, Thomas Affolter & Nathan Affolter

Christopher Redding is attending work with his father for the first time. Despite his desire to do anything but, Christopher is pushed into learning the macabre family business. When the duo is faced with a tragic death, Christopher is pushed to his breaking point revealing a deeper conflict that simmers just below the surface.


Louis Ferreira, Darien Provost, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Karyn Mott


The Affolter Brothers

Working together since before they called it work, the Affolter brothers have dedicated themselves to telling unique, compelling stories, from light-hearted comedies to heavy dramas and everything in between. Through their independent production company, Affolter Entertainment, the brothers focus on creating original content for film, TV and the web. Collaboration is key among the brothers. They share the writer, director and producer credit on all of their productions, and they pride themselves on creating a family atmosphere on every one of their film sets. Since the company’s inception, their films, web series, and music videos have played in dozens of film festivals worldwide and have won or been nominated for over 60 awards.


Heath Affolter, Director, Writer, Producer

Heath Affolter is an award-winning producer, director and writer. Since attending the Capilano University film program in 2006, Heath has held a multitude of different positions in the film industry. He currently acts as a Production Coordinator in TV Animation, but his true passion lies in the work he produces with his three brothers through Affolter Entertainment. As a director and writer, Heath always puts his focus on dynamic characters and original stories.


Jon Affolter, Director, Writer, Producer

Jon is a graduate of the Capilano University Classical Animation Program 2005. With over 12 years experience in the Vancouver animation industry, Jon has animated on a wide variety of major television series, including Rick & Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Atomic Betty, and Transformers and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. As a writer, producer and director, Jon strives to tell stories with valuable themes told thru interesting characters.


Thomas Affolter, Director, Writer, Producer

Thomas got his start in film at an early age, and by the time he graduated high school the films he had written, directed and produced had garnered 7 awards and another 8 nominations. Since attending Capilano University for film production, Thomas has gone on to write, direct and produce a number of award-winning short films, commercials and music videos. Thomas is dedicated to creating unique, compelling stories that challenge our perception of the world, and of ourselves.


Nathan Affolter, Writer, Producer

Nathan graduated from Vancouver Film School’s classical animation program in 2001. Nathan has worked for some of the highest profile animation studios in Vancouver, where he worked on such cartoons as Littlest Pet Shop, Transformers: Rescuebots, Bob’s Burgers and The Ren & Stimpy Show. Through Affolter Entertainment, Nathan is dedicated to telling unique, inspiring stories through unforgettable characters in extraordinary circumstances.


Rebeka Herron, Director, Writer, Producer

Rebeka Herron is an alumna of Capilano University’s Motion Picture Program. Her graduate film, The Peace Offering, was nominated for four awards and won the Award of Excellence at the Canada International Film Festival in 2010. Herron worked in development for Brightlight Pictures before transitioning to the story department on several lifestyle and reality programs, including the award-winning series Ice Pilots NWT. She directed and executive produced the original fitness series, Kiss My Incoming Abs, airing on NOVUS TV, which completed its second season, and she has recently finished shooting VR Wonders of the World, working as a virtual reality producer with Perspective Films. Another project, The Legend of Davy Crockett, placed in the Top 15 with Cinecoup 2015, and is now in development with a well-known Vancouver production company. In 2016, Herron completed the Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Producers’ Lab at the Canadian Film Centre and is currently in post-production on The Style Atlas, a fashion documentary shot in Indonesia.


Woodman Team.

Director: Mike Jackson
Writer: Peter New
Producers: Rory Tucker, Rozlyn Young & Avi Glanzer

After more than a century, the toymaker’s wooden boy is still alive, languishing in a ramshackle basement apartment. The Woodman’s patchwork computer takes him online but for every lie he tells, his bramble of nose grows. Trapped in this cage, the Woodman searches for a true connection and a chance to finally be real.


Peter New, Aliza Vellani


Mike Jackson, Director

Mike Jackson is an Emmy-nominated editor, and an award-winning director of short films and music videos. He often works with long-time collaborator Peter New, and together they won the first Hot Shot Shorts competition (The Bar), the Reel-Fast 48-hour film competition (Frequency Zero), and the Bloodshots 48-hour Horror competition (Hell’s Habit). Mike’s music video for 20 Minutes of Oxygen was nominated for the Golden Sheaf Award. He was nominated for an Emmy for his cutting on the documentary Beyond Top Secret. Most recently, Mike edited the feature Dead Rising: Watchtower and the pilot for Disney’s Mech-X4. He currently does visual effects for that show.


Peter New, Writer

Peter New is a Leo award winning writer, for his work on Point Blank. His  short film The Bar won the first annual Hot Shots Shorts competition. He has since been traveling the world to commune with fans of a show he acts in called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Other voices include Sunil on Littlest Pet Shop and Chili Parfait in YTV’s upcoming Chucks Choice. On camera, Peter has played numerous roles including Wingman in Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Junior in Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow, and Donald Dirk in Sunflower Hour for which he was nominated for best Supporting Actor. His favourite colour is maroon, but that might be the jet lag.


Rory Tucker, Producer

Rory has produced many independent narrative short films that have screened at international festivals since graduating from the Capilano University Film Centre in 2012. As a partner in 3 Magi Productions, he has a number of short form and feature film projects in development at this time. In addition to his independent projects, he’s worked as a corporate video producer, executive assistant to film & tv producers, worked in production on several factual television shows, and spent time in the art department on a number of productions.


Roz Young, Producer

Roz Young is a Screenwriter and Producer who grew up in Fort McMurray, Alberta trying to decide if she would rather be a scientist, writer, or filmmaker. After completing her MSc, Roz worked and published in microbiology before attending the Vancouver Film School for screenwriting. Roz co-wrote and produced a feature documentary, A Hand in the Darkness, that won Best Documentary Feature with the Do It Yourself (DIY) Film Festival in 2016. She has produced webseries episodes and the short film Stella. Her favourite genres are science fiction and fantasy.


Avi Glanzer, Producer

Avi Glanzer is an independent producer with 3 Magi Productions. After attending film school at Capilano University, Avi began working as a Producer’s Assistant before forming 3 Magi Productions in 2013. In 2015 Avi was a Canadian Co-­Producer on the short film Imperial, shot on location in Perth, Western Australia. He is currently active in feature, Television and Commercial development.