Crazy8s 2016



Director and Writer: Shannon Kohli
Producer: Rob Meekison

Born in the 1890s to an affluent family, Abigail grows up surrounded by the care and concern of her four devoted grandparents. In her twenties she falls in love with Thomas, a poor piano tutor her overprotective grandparents decide is not good enough for their darling Abigail. They may be ghosts only Abigail can see, but these ancient apparitions can still do some serious damage to her romantic prospects.


Kacey Rohl, Mary Black, Alec Willows, Gwyneth Walsh, Chris Britton, Jordan Burtchett, Meghan Gardiner, Todd Thomson, David Bloom


Shannon Kohli, Director and Writer

Shannon Kohli was born in Canada, but grew up primarily in Geneva, Switzerland. She moved back to Canada to study at the University of British Columbia, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film in 2002. Since finishing her degree, Shannon has mainly been working as a director of photography and camera operator while still pursuing her dream of directing. Shannon has directed several short film such as STALLED, and A CHILD INSIDE, MADNESS and THE OUT-LAWS. Shannon has recently optioned a novel to develop into a feature: ME & EMMA, written by Elizabeth Flock.


Rob Meekison, Producer

Upon graduation from University eof Alberta, Rob moved to Whistler where he started making short ski movies with an old Hi8 camera. Eager to learn more, Rob enrolled at Vancouver Film School. After graduating, he concentrated on camera until he broke into IATSE 669. Once in the union, he found a home on STARGATE SG-1 and went on to work on a variety of features and TV including THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, NEW MOON, SMALLVILLE and PAIN KILLER JANE. Rob is currently on hiatus from the camera world to concentrate on being a dad, jewelry design, and producing.



Director: Matthew Campbell
Writers: Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson
Producers: Ryan Silva, David Kaye and Jameson Parker

Alex is in the express checkout lane at the grocery store when he realizes with horror that he has forgotten the all-important crackers. With his dinner guests already on their way over, Alex must risk life and limb to achieve the impossible: locate the salty snacks before losing his place next in line. A hilarious send-up of action movie clichés created by and starring three-time Canadian Comedy Award-winning sketch duo Peter n’ Chris.


Chris Wilson, Peter Carlone, Caitlin Howden, Ryan Biel, Taz Van Rassel, Aaron Reid, Nima Golomniphur


Matthew Campbell, Director

Matthew Campbell is an independent film director from Gibsons, BC currently working in the film industry in Vancouver, BC. With years of on-set experience from movies such as The Revenant, Warcraft, The BFG, and Star Trek: Beyond, Matthew’s experience has allowed him to direct multiple shorts with industry film crews coming out to make his visions and concepts come to life. Currently finishing fan-film Nightwing: The Darkest Knight, developing his feature film The Wounded, and prepping for digital series DemonX with Frostbite Pictures, Matthew has proven himself as a visionary with a true eye for cinematic filmmaking.


Peter Carlone, Writer/Creator

Peter was born in Calgary BC. He has a BFA from the University of Victoria. He now resides in Vancouver, BC. Outside of Peter N’ Chris Peter is a two time Jessie Award winning actor (The Foreigner, Hunter Gatherers), Film-maker, and video editor. He has directed several educational videos for Science World. Along with Chris he is a writer for CBC Radio’s The Irrelevant Show, and the upcoming web-series White Ninja staring Paul Scheer (FX’s The League). Peter is also the Artistic Director of the Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival, which will be going into it’s 3rd year,this January. Checkout:
Twitter: @PeterCarlone


Chris Wilson, Writer/Creator

Chris was raised in Victoria BC. He has a BFA from the University of Victoria, and now resides in Toronto Ontario. Though Peter N’ Chris keeps Chris busy enough, he works in Toronto as a comedian and writer, working with Bad Dog Theatre Company and performing weekly shows with Canadian Comedy Award winning Sketch Troupe “Get Some”. He worked on the CityTV Prank Show “Meet the Family” and can be seen in the upcoming SuperChannel show “What Would Sal Do?” – playing a young Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall). Along with Peter he is a writer for the CBC website Punchline, CBC Radio’s The Irrelevant Show and the upcoming web-series White Ninja, voiced by ‘Paul Scheer’ (FX’s The League)
Twitter: @ImChrisWilson


Ryan Silva, Producer

Ryan Silva is very excited for the opportunity to produce this film for Crazy 8’s. Ryan graduated with a Bachelors in Motion Picture Arts from Capilano University in 2013, and has been working in the industry since then. Over the past year, Ryan has been working in production and development with Shawn Williamson at Brightlight Pictures, and is currently in the process of producing a project with Josh Dallas (Once Upon a Time).


Jameson Parker, Producer

Jameson Parker is an award winning actor and producer who, along with David Kaye, founded Whiskaye Films in 2008 while attending the University of British Columbia. Currently Jameson is serving as Executive Producer on White Ninja, the first narrative series developed for the Vine platform, starring Paul Scheer, as well as directing 5 episodes for the series. He is also producing a half hour comedy pilot with Don Ferguson Productions that is currently in network development with Paul F. Tompkins attached as a Creative Consultant and Whiskaye Films’ first feature film Prodigals goes to camera in January 2016.


David Kaye, Producer

David Kaye is an award winning actor/producer who has been working in film and TV since he booked his first role in “Legends of the Fall”.  David graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Acting. In 2013, David teamed up with North of Now Films Inc, producing web commercials and branded content for companies like AT&T, Chevrolet and Ford. By 2015, David helped put together over 50 productions including music videos, short films, web commercials, and branded content, and web series. Currently, David is an Executive Producer and voice actor on White Ninja, and is Associate Producing on the made-for-TV-movie I’ll Be There For You for the Dish Network.



Director: Joel Ashton McCarthy
Writers: Joel Ashton McCarthy and Mike Doaga
Producers: Nach Dudsdeemaytha, Keli Moore & Marena Dix

A pitch-black comedy about Vivian, a lonely serial killer whose three loves in life are math, accounting, and killing random people. This all changes when she meets the handsome Alex, a colleague at the insurance company where she works. Now Vivian has a new lease on life and a new reason to commit her gruesome acts: she does it for Alex. But what happens when Vivian discovers that he might not be worth the effort?


Alex Duncan, Clayton Chitty, Amelia Lyttle, Gabrial Carter, Abigail Kotyk, Rory Tucker, Julian LeBlanc, Scott McGrath, Emma Johnson, Malaya Cooks, Mike Warren, John Fitz, Sunny Shams, Nelson Carbonette, Jason Asuncion, Nickolas Johnston, Joel Montgrand, Gigi Saul Guerrero


Joel Ashton McCarthy, Director and Writer

At the age of 25, Joel Ashton McCarthy is an award winning filmmaker who has completed two feature films, multiple short films, and a web-series. Joel’s micro budget feature films ‘Taking My Parents to Burning Man’ & ‘Shooting The Musical’ were both award winning, and popular in the North american festival circuit and sold to reputable distribution companies. In his working life Joel works with his two business partners at ‘This is a Spoon Studios’ shooting Branded content, commercials, and travel documentaries.


Mike Doaga, Writer

Mike Doaga is an actor/writer, currently attending NYU’s Atlantic Acting School. He is the co-star/ co-creator of the web series Average Dicks, and has appeared in various short films as well as Shooting the Musical. He has a BA in English and Psychology from SFU. He is currently co- writing a horror comedy feature script with Joel Asthon McCarthy, in addition to his own first feature script.


Nach Dudsdeemaytha, Producer

Nach Dudsdeemaytha is an independent producer and project manager, and recent graduate of Capilano University’s Motion Picture Arts Bachelor’s program. He works with his colleagues Joel McCarthy and Charles Chen in their humble production office at This is a Spoon Studios. Their latest project was the award winning feature “Shooting the Musical”. Nach has produced, directed, and edited many short-form narrative films, documentaries, and corporate videos working with esteemed companies such as Vitamin Angels. Besides Crazy8s, he is working alongside Joel and Marena Dix on an upcoming horror-comedy feature film as a co-producer.


Keli A Moore, Producer

Passionate about movies, Keli worked her way up through the trenches in the film industry, learning from experience. Keli has worked on everything from Canadian TV to multimillion dollar feature films such as Juno, Catwoman, X-men 2, ‘Superman Man of Steel,’ Real Housewives of Vancouver, and recently, Lucifer. This is Keli’s third year producing a Crazy8s film. She was also a Segment Producer on the award winning feature film No Men Beyond This Point. With co-creator and local Director of Photography Tony Mirza, Keli also co-produces and co-directs projects under the brand name Mr&Mrs Myth.


Marena Dix, Producer

Marena Dix is a producer based out of Vancouver, BC. Over the last three years she has co-produced the Canadian indie feature CANDiLAND starring James Clayton (Down the Line), Chelah Horsdal (Hells on Wheels) and Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon), completed the Screen Based Media Production Program through the CMPA and is now working as a full time Post Production Coordinator for Gloo Studios. Most recently she produced the MPPIA winning film Vehicular Romanticide and is developing the feature Little Monsters with up and coming director Joel McCarthy and producer Nach Dudsdeemaytha.



Director: Jesse Lupini
Writers: Jesse Lupini and Lucas Kavanagh
Producers: Arshia Navabi and Mert Sari

A young woman wakes up imprisoned in a strange white room. She has sixty seconds to solve the puzzle of how to break out of the room before she dies, only to be reborn immediately to begin again, each time joined by the shadowy impressions of her previous iterations. As times passes, the woman learns from her mistakes and at last breaks free – but what lies beyond is unspeakable.


Katharine Isabelle, Zak Santiago, Jakob Davies


Jesse Lupini, Director & Writer

Born and Raised on the west coast of Canada, Jesse grew up surrounded by creativity. He’s directed commercials, music videos, and several short films. He also co-hosts Double Blind, a popular science podcast, is a founding member of the band Solarsail, as well as a designer and software engineer. Jesse combines his passions for filmmaking and science to create thought- provoking, bleeding edge science fiction content. Qualia, his latest sci-fi adventure short, will be released this spring.


Lucas Kavanagh, Writer

Lucas Kavanagh is a scientist on a quest for innovative ways to communicate intricate concepts. As the co-host of Double Blind, a weekly science news and discussion podcast, he seeks to change the way popular science is reported. Most recently, he traveled to the Indian Ocean to document an attempt to drill to the Earth’s mantle for the first time. Lucas is eager to enter the realm of science fiction as a way to explore very real theories and ideas. Details on all his creative and scientific endeavors may be found at


Arshia Navabi, Producer

Arshia is a Vancouver based Canadian/Persian independent film Producer, Director, and Casting Director. He graduated from Vancouver Film School with an honours degree in Film Production. He found his love and passion for film making after studying Biology and Psychology, which have positively affected his experiences as a filmmaker. Arshia is presently in post-production for a feature film he co-produced titled “r a w*”.


Mert Sari, Producer

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Matt moved to Vancouver B.C. at the age of 17 to attend high school and decided to stay after graduation. Studying Music Production, working in the music, event and fashion industry both in Vancouver and in Europe, he found himself surrounded with artists and people of like-mind. Wanting to expand his network more and dig deeper into the arts, Matt enrolled in Vancouver Film School’s Film Production program in September 2014 and graduated with a feature film that he co-produced in the summer of 2015. Also having produced a contemporary dance film right after graduation, now, working towards being an official part of the film industry in North America, he finds himself collaborating with people who dare to achieve higher and be more.



Director: Patrick Currie
Writers: Patrick Currie and Brendee Green
Producer: Michele Picard, Michelle Morris and Yogi Omar

When two strangers, Evan and Riley, meet at a friend’s wedding and share an unexpected first kiss, the attraction between the two of them is undeniable but decidedly complicating. With a nod to the B in LGBTQ, this is a comedy about the complexity of relationships.


Danny Mac, Brendee Green, Ryan Williams, Nathan Vitte, Sean Oliver, Veena Sood, Ellie Harvie, Amy Goodmurphy

Patrick Currie Headshot

Patrick Currie, Writer/Director

Patrick moved to BC in the ’90s after completing his acting studies at York University. Having established a successful career as an actor he is now focussed on writing and directing his own projects. In 2012 he participated in Crazy8s as writer/producer, and was inspired to move into directing. In 2014 he wrote/produced/acted in The Out-Laws, a web series pilot. Five of his short film scripts have been shortlisted for funding awards since 2012.

Brendee Green Headshot

Brendee Green, Writer

Brendee Green is a stage/film actor, and writer. She completed her studies in acting, jazz vocals, and playwriting at York University in 2013. She moved to Vancouver in 2014, and has been cast in several television and film projects as well as committing herself to writing and performance collectives. Her goal is to contribute to an indigenous film scene that focusses on creating more complex and powerful roles for women both in front of, and behind the camera. Brendee has been seen on tv as recurring character Denise on Rookie Blue and on stage as Rosalind in As You Like It, among other roles.

Michele Picard, Producer

Michele is a survivor of Crazy8s 2012. Originally from Montreal, she graduated from Queen’s University and headed out west to seek a life of storytelling. A few detours later, she finds herself working in production offices to fund her passion for groundbreaking entertainment and chocolate (not always in that order). She is now producing her 3rd project with Patrick Currie. Their second project, “The Out-Laws” (directed by Shannon Kohli)  is on its festival run, and all of the projects they’ve created since 2011 have been shortlisted for funding awards throughout Canada.


Michelle Morris, Producer

Michelle’s mother was a bush pilot and her father a test pilot so she grew up as an adventurer – circumnavigating the globe twice by the age of 10. After earning her BFA in Film Production from York University she joined the Directors Guild of Canada and worked primarily as a 1st Assistant Director. She has also worked nationally and internationally in film and television on productions for major US studios and Canadian production companies. As an emerging producer, Michelle wrote, directed and produced the short film GOOD INTENTIONS. Last year she produced the play SUDDENLY MOMMY on Broadway (NYC). She currently has two features in development and is studying for her Masters of Film degree in international co-production.


Yogi Omar, Producer

Yogi Omar’s love affair with all things dramatic began as a teen in Indonesia where he ravenously consumed every episode of Friends and Ally McBeal! Landing in Vancouver at the age of 18, his course clearly charted, he began to engage with the film industry in any and every capacity possible; ticket taker at VIFF, Board of Directors for the VQFF, Vancouver Parks Board (special events & filming dept), and eventually co-owning his own talent agency: InspirationAll Talent and Modelling Agency. A mismatched blind date, set up by a local filmmaker to promote her own film ended up being the ‘meet cute’ that brought Yogi to producing with Michele Picard, Michelle Morris and Patrick Currie, a union that intends to keep on creating.



Director and Writer: Shauna Johannesen
Producer: Lulu Pan

Mid-thirties couple Ellie and Steve have been trying to get pregnant for 1 year, 2 months and 6 days. While all around them their friends are popping out babies like nobody’s business, Ellie and Steve are enduring embarrassment at fertility clinics and injecting weird substances into their butts, all the while scheduling their intimate encounters with the exactitude of a forensic accountant. Just when did having sex get so unsexy?


Christina Sicoli, Patrick Gilmore, Jennifer Spence, Nicole LaPlaca, Tristin Leffler, Jennifer Cheon, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Enid Raye Adams, Eduard Witzke, Cynthia Mendez, Lillian Lim, Lina Renna


Shauna Johannesen, Director and Writer

Shauna Johannesen is an award-winning writer and actor. Her plays have been produced across Western Canada and her short film Bedbugs: A Musical Love Story garnered numerous accolades including Leo awards for Screenwriting and Best Female Actor in a Short Drama. Shauna’s newest play Common Grace will premiere in 2016 at Pacific Theatre. Originally from Edmonton, Shauna has a background in Improv, a BA in English and Theatre and an MA in English Language and Culture. She serves as the Playwright Guild’s Representative for BC Mainland and freelances as a dramaturg. Trying is her directing debut.


Lulu Pan, Producer

Lulu Pan graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2013 then joined Massey Productions Ltd. (MPL) as producer Raymond Massey’s assistant. Acting also as Mandarin translator, Lulu has been integral for securing a planned slate of projects with China, including production services projects from two Chinese television series in 2013 and an Indian film, PHANTOM in 2014, and helping foster deeper relationships between her company and film companies in China and Southeast Asia. Lulu Pan has also participated in a number of independent projects in Vancouver, serving in various positions such as Assistant Director, Production Manager and Production Coordinator.


James Danderfer, Co-Producer and Composer

Vancouver based LEO award-winning film composer James Danderfer has been writing music in a wide range of styles for nearly twenty years. Recent achievements include co-producing and scoring the film Bedbugs: A Musical Love Story, winner of Best Short Film in (EIFF, RxSM), Best Musical Score (Leo Award) and Best Screenwriting (Leo award), as well as scoring the new animated feature film by Arcana Studios: “Pixies.” Having studied film making from a very young age, James’ fascination with story telling extends to both sound and image and he is excited to bring his experience to Shauna Johannesen’s film Trying.