Rules and Regulations

Spirit and Intent of Crazy8s

The Crazy8s Film Event is run by the Crazy8s Film Society, a BC-based non-profit society.

Crazy8s was developed to build the domestic film industry in British Columbia by providing support to Canadian filmmakers and their teams to make professionally produced short films. Our mission is to build talent, teams, and community. We aim to continue to expand the exposure of the films to international film festivals and markets.

While the event is competitive, we remind filmmakers that we are one community, and we strongly encourage everyone to support each other. Even if your film is not selected this year, we hope that you might consider volunteering on one of the selected films. Getting involved at any level is a great way to get connected.

Who is eligible to apply?

Writers, Directors, or Producers of a project are eligible to apply for Crazy8s.

The Writer may also be the Director, or the Writer may also be the Producer. However, the roles of Producer and Director must be filled by different people. However, Director may take a Producer credit but cannot also be the lead Producer.

Past Crazy8s Directors may not re-apply as Directors, but may work on Crazy8s films in any other role.

Applicants must be at least 19 years of age. Full-time time high school students are not eligible to apply. Post-secondary students are eligible to apply, but should be aware that the time commitment for winners is heavy and may not be compatible with full-time studies.

It is a requirement of Crazy8s that ALL of the Writer(s), Director(s), Producer(s), and either the 1st or 2nd Lead Actor must be Canadian citizens or Permanent residents of Canada, and must also be residents of British Columbia.

In addition, the project must meet CAVCO’s Canadian Production guidelines, which states that the production must have 6 out of 10 Canadian content points as follows:

2 Points Director (must be Canadian or Permanent Resident)
2 Points Writer (must be Canadian or Permanent Resident)
1 Point Lead Actor (either 1st or 2nd lead must be Canadian or P.R.)
1 Point 2nd Lead Actor
1 Point Cinematographer
1 Point Production Designer
1 Point Editor
1 Point Music Composer

Each team is responsible for making the CAVCO application and must do so immediately after the Gala.

Who can pitch?

You can use anyone you think will help best communicate your story, but at least one Writer, Director or Producer must participate in the pitch.

No matter who pitches the film, we do require that a Director and a Writer be attached to the project by the time you pitch.

If you have pitched without a Producer attached and you are selected to move forward, you will need to secure a Producer no later than the Production Meeting in mid January 2018.

Video Pitch Guidelines

Video pitches longer than 4 minutes will not be accepted. Remember, you are pitching a SHORT film. Completed projects will be no more than 12 minutes in length – which translates roughly to 10 script pages plus credits. For clarity: approx 10 minutes of story and approx 2 minutes of credits.

Please start the video pitch with a slate (could be as simple as holding up a piece of paper) telling us your name, the role(s) you are playing on the film (writer/director/producer), the title of the film, and your assigned registration code. If you’ve confirmed who will be filling the other role(s), please also tell us this information.

Then please give us as complete as possible a sense of your story, and the film you plan to make. Be sure to include the beginning, middle and end of your story. You’re not making a movie trailer, so please don’t worry about spoiling or giving away the ending – we need to know that you HAVE an ending and what that ending is!

In-Person Pitch Guidelines

If you are selected as a semi-finalist you will be contacted by Nov. 19 to schedule a time to pitch in person to a jury of industry professionals on either Nov. 25 or 26.

Invited filmmaker(s) will have 5 minutes to pitch their story and themselves to the jury, followed by 5 minutes for questions.

NOTE: No reels are permitted as part of your in-person pitch. Invited filmmakers are asked to bring a short synopsis of their project and a bio of the director printed on a single page.

NOTE: The Director must be present for the in-person pitch. If the Director cannot attend, she or he must be available by Skype or phone for questions.

The Schedule

There are a number of dates for which one or more of the Writer, Director, or Producer must be in attendance. Be sure to mark these on your calendar and keep those dates free!

Sept. 20, 2017 – Online Registration Starts
Oct. 15, 2017 – In-Person Registration & Info Session
Oct. 30 – Extended Registration Closes
Nov. 4 – Video Pitches Due by 7 PM
Nov. 19 – Invitations to attend in-person pitch sent out
Nov. 25 or 26 – In-person pitches (Director must attend, or be available by phone or Skype)
Nov. 27 – 12 Semi-Finalists notified
Nov 29 – Dec. 3 – Whistler Film Festival – 1 Pass per Semi-Finalist Team
Dec. 10 – Story Edit Day (Writer and Director must attend)
Jan. 2, 2018 – Final Scripts Due
Jan. 7 – 6 Winners notified
Jan. 13 – Production Meeting (Producer and Director must attend)
Jan. 25 – Fundraising Screening & Party at the Rio Theatre
Jan. 28 – Director/Producer/Casting Workshop (Producer, PM and Director must attend)
Feb. 9 – First Day of Production meeting (Producer must attend)
Feb. 10-16 – 8 Crazy Days of Production and Post-Production
Feb. 16 – Finished films due
Feb. 24 – Gala Screening & Party
Mar. TBA – Film Festival/ Distribution Workshop

Copyright Issues - Who owns the film?

The Crazy8s Film Society will own the finished films, but filmmakers are encouraged to screen their films at international film festivals and use the film to promote themselves as filmmakers. The filmmakers are responsible for film festival entry fees.

The Crazy8s Film Society will work to sell the finished films on DVD, to broadcasters, and through various other distribution methods.  But we also encourage the filmmakers to take an active hand in the distribution of their films. A percentage (50%) of the net proceeds after expenses from all sales will go to the Filmmaker(s) as a royalty. It is up to the team to decide how that Royalty will be split amongst the team members, but it is advised that the Writer, Director, and Producer share any royalties received. Filmmakers can keep 100% of film festival cash awards.

Performers will also see a royalty from gross sales, administered through the Union of BC Performers.

The Crazy8s portion of distribution proceeds go back into the society to help pay for future events.

It is VERY important that if your concept is not based entirely on an original idea, you will need to provide chain of title documentation proving that you have the rights to tell your story. If you are basing your short film on a real person, real event, a short story, a poem, a play, or any other original work, it is essential that you get written permission from the person who created the original concept. This includes other people’s work that inspired you to create your original work. Don’t steal other people’s ideas… you will be caught and this could cause serious issues for your career as a filmmaker.

Please note that you ARE free to adapt any work that is currently in the public domain, which includes work created by people who have been dead more than 50 years.

Documents you will need to sign

The 12 semi-finalists who are selected to go into the story editing round will need to sign a legal disclaimer stating that their film concept is based on an original idea. If it is not, filmmakers will need to provide a document showing they have the rights to adapt the original idea. This must be presented before the jury makes their final decision.

Once selected the writer, producer, and director will need to sign transfer of rights agreements with the Crazy8s Film Society before going into production.

Building Your Team

For the pitch it is only essential that you have a Writer and Director confirmed. These can be two (or more) different people, or you can have a Writer/Director. If you are selected as a Finalist, you will need to have confirmed the Producer(s) for the project by the Production Meeting in mid January (and the Producer cannot be the same person as the Director.)

If you need help finding a Producer, Director, Writer, or any other team member, consider putting up a posting on our Crazy8s Facebook Wall, or on Craigslist. You are also welcome to approach anyone on the Crazy8s team – we might be able to connect you with people. And if you’re lucky enough to make it through to the final six, you won’t have much time to build your full team, so start thinking now about whom you want to work with!