How To Pitch Short Film Ebook

Stop wondering how to pitch your project and get the ultimate pitching companion with step by step instructions.

With over 25 pages of content, learn how to pitch yourself and your story.


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What are the elements of a memorable story?

What are the key points to hit in a three to five minute pitch?

What are the things others wished someone had told them before going in the room?

How do you make a video pitch and get your story across?

and more!

Over fifty tips compiled from

Bill Hurst | Telefilm

Kaare Andrews | Marvel

Paul Armstrong | Film Producer/Celluloid Social Club

Zach Lipovsky | Disney’s MECH X4

Kristyn Stilling | Whistler Film Festival, NFB

Shauna Johannesen | Writer, Director, Actor

and more worth over $3000 in content!

Stop wondering what you are doing and start effectively preparing a pitch you are confident in!



Why You Need This Book:

It Considers All The Aspects

This book is designed to inspire you to consider all aspects of your pitch from the moment you walk in the door (or appear on camera) to your parting words.

It's About More Than Just Short Film

The principles taught here are about much more than just short film – they can be applied for television, feature film, short or web content. It’s about how you handle yourself and much like a job interview, if you use the language that the judges are looking for.

It's Filled With Content From Experienced Contributors

The contributors of this book have collectively watched over 200 hours of video pitches and listened to more than 200 in-person pitches in the almost 20 years Crazy8s has been around. Many of our contributors have pitched to networks and production studios to secure thousands of dollars of funding, production needs and support and they share their secrets with you in this book.

If you have ever wondered what to do with your pitch, stop wondering and learn the answers to the questions.

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