How do I sign up to be part of Crazy8s 2017?

If you want to submit your film idea and have a chance to be one of the six winners to make your film through Crazy8s 2017, you have to register in advance and pay an application fee of $50.

Earlybird in-person registration (at the Crazy8s 2017 Info Session & Pitch Registration) starts October 16, 2016 from 12:30pm to 5pm at The Rio Theatre, 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver.

Join the event on Facebook.

After October 16, you still have until November 2nd (date TBC) to register, by downloading and filling out the application form and either dropping it off in person between 10am and 5pm or mailing it with a cheque for $60 made out to:

Crazy8s Film Society
Suite 600 – 736 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1G3

PLEASE NOTE: Video pitch submissions will only be accepted from participants who have registered and paid by, November 2. If you pay by cheque, your cheque must have cleared by the video pitch submission deadline of November 7 for your submission to be eligible.

What is a video pitch?

We want you to pitch your film concept to a camera just as you might pitch to a jury.

We don’t expect anything complicated… just you and perhaps another person on your team speaking to the camera.

You have 5 minutes to convince us that you have a great story to tell.  So feel free to include anything you think will help make your point.  Be aware that pitches longer than 5 minutes will be disqualified!

Technical quality of the video is also not overly critical at this point – use a web cam, still camera video, kerosene-burning steam-pump activated doohickey…  Worry about image quality when your make your film and are provided with HD cameras.  But DO make sure the audio is of decent quality so we can hear you.

What should be included in my video pitch?

1)  A slate that includes your assigned registration code, your name(s) and role(s), and the title of your project

2)  This is my awesome idea (the concept)

3)  This is why I/we should be the one(s) to make it (the team and your vision)

It’s usually best to start with an introduction of who you are before you launch into telling us about your concept.  Once you’ve told us about the concept, you may want to tell us about your team, or any resources you have available to you, especially if your idea is highly technical or sounds like it would be a big challenge to pull off in just 8 days.  Perhaps you have music in mind to give a mood, or perhaps some visuals that you want to show that would give us a sense of your visual treatment.

Another key to a good pitch: show your passion. You need to believe in your film.

How can video pitches be submitted?

Video pitches will be submitted by uploading to Vimeo. Once you register for Crazy8s, you will be assigned a number and receive all the details on how to do upload.

Who decides which films get to be made through Crazy8s?

There will be two panels and two rounds of judging to decide who gets to move on in the competition – one for video pitches and one for the in-person pitches.

The video pitches will be evaluated by a combination of Crazy8s staff, former Crazy8s filmmakers, and other industry professionals. Last year’s jury included Bill Hurst formerly of Telefilm Canada, Meghan Elie of Creative BC, Paul Armstrong, Ines Eisses, Jacqueline Nguyen and Caitlin Byrnes, director of Crazy8s 2015 film “One Last Ride”.

The 40 top video submissions will be invited to pitch in-person to a jury of film industry professionals whose names will be announced shortly. Last year’s jury was comprised of Kaare Andrews (director of Crazy8s film “Unwritten” and of feature “Altitude”), Catherine Lough-Haggquist (actor and owner of BIZ Books), Jem Garrard (director of Crazy8s 2015 film “The Film Who Came to Dinner“ and TV series “Switch“), Glen Schaefer (film journalist), Zach Lipovsky (director of Crazy8s film “Crazy Late“ and now producing for Disney) and Katie Weekley

Please note that the jury for the in-person pitches will not have viewed your video pitches before they meet you and hear you pitch.

What will the judges be looking for from our pitch?

You’ll get a lot more information about this at the Crazy8s Info Session. But in general, judges will be excited to see creative ideas that are doable within the Crazy8s time frame. They want to see stand out content that helps keep Crazy8s on the map as a program which produces memorable films that boost careers and engages audiences across the globe.

Do I have to do my pitch alone, or can I have my producer/co-director/co-writer pitch with me as well?

You do not have to pitch alone. You can include any team-members who will add to your pitch.

How much time do I have to pitch?

You will have 5 minutes for both your video pitch and your in-person pitch. Video pitches longer than 5 minutes will be disqualified.

Will the judges be asking questions? Should I leave time in my pitch for this?

The judges will have up to another 5 minutes to ask you questions, and may ask you to clarify aspects of your pitch or story idea. Particularly on ambitious sounding projects, they may ask for clarification on how you would see pulling it off.

Can we bring in video to help tell our pitch?

You’ve got 5 minutes to pitch, and how you want to present your pitch is up to you.  We will not be providing any screening equipment, so if you are wanting to show something, you will need to provide your own laptop or video screen – keep in mind that you’ve got only 5 minutes and due to the scheduling of all the pitches, any setup time you need for the equipment will also eat into your pitch time. (We would highly recommend you also have your bases covered in the chance of “technical difficulties”).

Can we bring artwork or other props to help with our pitch?

Yes, you can bring drawings or posters or other materials to help with your pitches – although it is not necessary. We just ask that you restrict your handouts to the panelists to a single letter sized page containing a short synopsis of your project and a bio of the director and/or team. The key thing to remember is that pitches will be chosen based primarily on the quality of the idea/story and then on the vision for the final film. So make sure any materials you bring help to support those aspects (as opposed to a write-up on how this opportunity will really help your career).

Can I have more than one person to co-write or co-direct or co-produce my film?

We do not enforce any limitations on the number of directors or producers or writers etc. Our goal is for the participating filmmakers to make the best films possible with the simple guidelines of 8 days and only a $1,000 cash budget.

Can I direct and produce my own project, or do I need a separate person for each role?

It is our experience that to pull off a successful film in just 8 days there is simply too much to do for one person to do both the job of the director and the producer. So we will be requiring you to have a separate person in each position, so that each can focus on their respective role to make the best film possible in the short time available. However, writer/producers or writer/directors are perfectly acceptable.

Do I need to have a producer in place to sign up to pitch my film to Crazy8s?

You are not required to have a producer in place to register to pitch your film to Crazy8s by November 2. However, having a producer as part of your team by the time you make your video pitch can help assure the judges that you will be able to pull off the film that you are pitching, especially if the film seems ambitious for an 8-day timeframe.

And if you don’t have a producer in place by the time you are selected for an in-person pitch, you can expect the judges to ask about how you plan to find one. And you should definitely be prepared to answer questions about how you plan to approach any production challenges your film presents.

What happens next if I’m successful with my in-person pitch and I get selected as one of the 12 finalists?

The 12 finalists will be paired with professional story editors and given the opportunity to workshop their script at a day long story-editing workshop, before the final scripts are submitted to the in-person jury for review. Based on the strength of the final scripts, six winners will be chosen to receive a production package and other valuable support to make their films as part of Crazy8s 2017.


And what do I get if I am selected as one of the six winners to make my film as part of Crazy8s 2017?

If you are one of the six lucky winners, you will receive a package of production support worth tens of thousands of dollars, plus $1,000 cash and other valuable support – almost everything you will need to complete your film in just 8 crazy days. The support package includes an HD Camera, sound recording equipment, a lighting and grip package, the services of a casting director, full production insurance, free location permits, discounts on vehicle/props/costume rental, a binder with all required paperwork, on-line editing including title generation, colour correction, and a professional sound mix.


What are the dates for Crazy8s 2017?

The dates for this year’s event are as follows:
Oct. 16, 2016 – Registration Session
Nov. 2 – Registration Closes
Nov. 7 – Video Pitches Due by 9 PM
Nov. 20 – Invitations to attend in-person pitch sent out
Nov. 26 or 27 – In-person pitches (Director must attend, or be available by phone or Skype)
Nov. 28 – 12 Semi-Finalists notified
Nov 30 – Dec. 4 – Whistler Film Festival – 1 Pass per Semi-Finalist Team
Dec. 11 – Story Edit Day (Writer and Director must attend)
Jan. 3, 2017 – Final Scripts Due
Jan. 8 – 6 Winners notified
Jan. 14 – Production Meeting (Producer and Director must attend)
Jan. 26 – Fundraising Screening & Party at the Rio Theatre
Jan. 29 – Director/Producer/Casting Workshop (Producer, PM and Director must attend)
Feb. 5 – Cinematography Workshop
Feb. 10 – First Day of Production meeting (Producer must attend)
Feb. 10-17 – 8 Crazy Days of Production and Post-Production
Feb. 17 – Finished films due
Feb. 25 – Gala Screening & Party
Mar. TBA – Film Festival/ Distribution Workshop