Crazy8s is an 8 day filmmaking challenge that provides funding and support to emerging filmmakers to help them produce a short film.

Crazy8s is run by the Crazy8s Film Society, a not-for-profit society. It was created to foster support for emerging filmmakers who have little or no access to funding for short films.



Aspiring filmmakers are invited to present their short film idea in a 5-minute video. Every year over one hundred teams apply.

40 semi-finalists are chosen to pitch in person to a jury of industry professionals.

12 finalists workshop their script with a professional story editor.

6 winners receive $1,000 and a production package provided by sponsors in the local production community with everything they need to make their short film in just 8 days.

Finished films are screened at a gala event to the who’s who of the Vancouver film industry.

It’s fast! It’s fun! It’s Crazy!

"Crazy8s is truly the single best way in BC to launch your career." -Zach Lipovsky, Crazy8s alumni, whose film ‘Crazy Late’ helped him secure a spot on the Steven Spielberg show ‘On The Lot’, where he placed in the top 5 and is now directing and executive producing for Disney.

Our History

Since 1999, Crazy8s has given opportunities to 91 filmmakers and their teams of producers, writers, cinematographers, art directors, editors, composers, and cast, to produce fully funded, professional short films, and present them to an audience of film professionals in Vancouver (as well as non-professionals), and around the globe. It has become the place to discover new talent, provide valuable on set training, and give opportunities for filmmakers to create work that can be used to launch their careers in the film industry.

Including crew and performers, Crazy8s has provided working opportunities for over 2000 people in the last 16 years.

Looking at the list of Crazy8s alumni, we see many of the talented filmmakers who have since gone on to have vibrant careers in the film industry. Dylan Akio Smith’s Crazy8s film “Man Feel Pain” went on the win Best Short Film at the Toronto Int’l Film Festival, which led to his acceptance to the Canadian Film Centre, which all led to the production of his first feature film, “The Cabin Movie”. Zach Lipoksy’s “Crazy Late” landed him a spot on the Steven Spielberg show “On the Lot” where he placed in the top 5 and he just recently directed the Lions Gate Studios’ “Leprechaun” franchise reboot. Other Crazy8s participants such as Kaare Andrews, Katrin Bowen, Cam Labine, Carl Bessai, Marc Stephenson, Elan Mastai, Matt Sinclair, Scott Weber, Kelly-Ann Benz, Kelly-Ruth Mercier, Bruce Marchfelder, James Dunnison, Coreen Mayrs, Harry Killas, Tracy D Smith, Ryan Bonder, Stephen Martin, Angelina Cantada, Zachary Rothman, Elle-Maija Tailfeathers, Mackenzie Gray, Nimisha Mukerji, Matthew Kowalchuk, Tony Mirza, Jem Garrard, Caitlin Byrnes, Scott Belyea (the list continues) have all benefited tremendously from the experience and have gone on to have successful careers in the film industry.

In addition to supporting directors, Crazy8s has provided opportunities for producers, writers, performers, cinematographers, editors, and a host of other crew members who gain valuable experience and build working relationships that often continue for many years to come.

Over the past 16 years, approximately 13,225 people have attended Crazy8s screenings, and the films have appeared in over 280 international film festivals with many being broadcast on national television.